Madison, WI 12/5/18

I wanted to let you know about, and cordially invite you to, my upcoming talk about my recently published – and award-winning book – Life Without Pockets – My Long Journey into Womanhood which focuses on gender identity, trans-bullying, and the challenges around being marginalized. The talk takes place at A Room of One’s Own, 315 W Gorham St, Madison, WI 53703, Wednesday, December 5, 2018, at 6 p.m. 

I also am interested in appearing on Central Time to help people in Wisconsin better understand gender identity. I was routed to you via my friend and WPR board member, Peter Lundberg, and then to Mike Crane.

I believe this topic might resonate well with Central Time listeners due to WPR’s civic and cultural mission to enlighten and enrich the quality of life for Wisconsin listeners, and Central Time’s unique ability to explore thought-provoking topics and cultural trends. This is particularly relevant now in light of the ongoing rampant political divisiveness across the U.S. over LGBTQ issues; and the history-making record number of LGBTQ candidates elected this midterm season – close to 400.

Also, the topic coincidences with the upcoming International Transgender Day of Remembrance, observed annually on November 20 as a day to memorialize those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia. Although it’s difficult to determine a precise number, studies indicate that approximately 1.4 million individuals in the U.S. identify as transgender, and there are at least 24,000 people in Wisconsin who identify as transgender.

An intensely personal story, Life Without Pockets is a compelling modern-day adventure story that not only helps readers better understand the nature of gender identity and dysphoria but more importantly, is an entertaining and practical guide to living an authentic life – based not on marginalization by others, but on the continuing revelation and brave embrace of who we indeed are.

The book’s topic is relevant not just with transgender people, but with anyone concerned about the marginalization of human beings. Since the book’s June 7th  release, reader feedback has been extremely positive, noting that the book’s theme is much broader than transgender in that it focuses on combating all types of marginalization, whether it’s age, race, religion, or any other group with which we may identify.

Dedicated to Karis Ross, a close friend and Milwaukee Public School teacher who took her own life due to trans-bullying by the administration, the book thrusts the reader into the sober reality of “trans-marginalization.” My wish is to help those going through gender transition to better understand and cope with the confusion, pain, and fear inherent in the transgender experience, and for the loved ones around them to work towards understanding and acceptance. The purpose the book is to help those going through gender transition to better understand and cope with the confusion, pain, and fear inherent in the transgender experience, and – perhaps more importantly, for the loved ones around them to work towards understanding and acceptance. Thus the goal of the book is simple: If it prevents the loss of just one life due to trans-bullying, then the book has achieved its purpose.

You can learn more about the book at

Related, I was included as a subject in the successful 2016 Photo Exhibition Our Trans Family by Jeff Pearcy and Meredith Watts ( featuring photographs of transgender people and their families in Wisconsin. The Exhibition is designed to foster greater understanding about people who identify as transgender, the broad range of people who identify as “gender fluid,” and those who do not identify with a binary definition of their gender. After it’s U.S. tour, the exhibition is back in Wisconsin and will be part of a wider event at the UWM Art Gallery (Student Union, corner Kenwood & Maryland) on November 16. Photographer Meredith Watts will be on the artists’ panel at 7 p.m. in the UWM Union Art Gallery with Jeff Pearcy along with other artists. The UWM event info is at…/trans-lucent-a-transgender-empowerment-e…/

Also, I was interviewed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last week ( ) regarding the leaked Trump administration memo that attempts to strip transgender persons of recognition by creating a narrow definition of gender as being that which is assigned at birth. This would reverse decades of court decisions, as well as those rights upheld by Obama-era policies, that protect people due to their sexuality under Title IX.

I don’t think it would take up the full fours hours of the show! However, I suspect there would be significant interest among Central Time listeners, and I would love to participate on the program to let people know about my book, but more importantly, help people in Wisconsin better understand the challenges around gender identity. If you chose to do so, perhaps we should do it before November 20.

If you have any interest, please contact me directly at (414) 614-6873, or my publisher, Kira Henschel at HenschelHAUS Publishing (414) 486-0653, or; and we will get a copy of the book to you immediately and related press materials.

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