10/21/18 Congregation emanu-el b’ne jeshurun Synagogue


I was honored to speak Sunday to the amazing Congregation emanu-el b’ne jeshurun Synagogue (www.ceebj.org) in River Hills, WI about my book, “Life Without Pockets – My Long Journey into Womanhood.”

But perhaps more importantly, in support of the Congregation’s theme of “Saving Lives Through Understanding,” it was an opportunity to talk about preventing marginalization for simply being who people are – regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, age, race, religion, or any other group with which we can be associated. I

t was a true joy to hear from such insightful people who asked such thought-provoking questions, and whose values align with my own, centered around finding ways to engage with our broader community and give back to our world through learning and understanding.

A big thank you to all the attendees and for such a large turnout!  



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