Book Launch 6-7-2018

Thursday, June 7, 2018

(PrideFest Milwaukee Opening Night!)

Read on for those who missed this amazing night to read words from Carla.

With about 60 diverse and far traveling people – from my childhood, the professional world, the LGBTQ community, Unitarians, neighbors, and the disabled community – the launch and signing went exceptionally well and beyond my highest expectations.

It was an overwhelming emotional experience after the challenge of penning a book over the last four years on a challenging and personal but important topic. I swelled up in tears when my publisher Kira Henschel put the actual printed book in my hands for the first time.

It also was a powerful feeling to be with so many wonderful friends participating in this unique moment in time. People enjoyed the evening. We had vegan finger food (Karis Ross was a vegan) and indigenous wine; an original song and performance by my transgender friend Julie Hart about Karis; a silent auction of Karis’ massive jewelry collection (proceeds going to a fund we are creating called the Karis Anne Ross Fund to Stop Trans-bullying); talks by hostess (and mother of Karis) Jill Grienke, publisher Kira Henschel, and me; followed up with a birthday cake for Jill – and of course, the sale and signing of about 60 books!

The night was a powerful moment, not just for me or the book – but as a symbol of a momentous start to the goal towards preventing just one suicide from trans-bullying. A start to providing an understanding of what it is like to go through a transgender experience. To help others who face that and the loved ones around them, all working towards understanding and acceptance.

For those who missed the event and have interest in the topic, they can learn more about the book, ongoing information about trans-bullying, and how to purchase the book at

Moving forward, I now want to re-confirm my commitment to help others who have gone through what I have gone through to help them better understand and cope with the confusion, pain, and fear inherent in the transgender experience. And perhaps more importantly, to help others around them to understand—and possibly accept and support someone going through gender identity transition. And if the dissemination of my book Life Without Pockets – My Long Journey into Womanhood helps, then I feel I’ve helped in a small way towards that cause.

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